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What are the reasons for the small and slow medium pumping force of pneumatic diaphragm pump?

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What are the reasons for the small and slow medium pumping force of pneumatic diaphragm pump?

Why aro pneumatic diaphragm pump works with small and slow medium pumping force? Generally, this kind of situation is caused by unfamiliar with the installation, operation and maintenance of pneumatic diaphragm pump without using such new products or knowing much about them. Today, we will discuss the Countermeasures:

1. If the air source pressure is too small, in addition to the pressure of the air compressor itself, attention should also be paid to avoid the distance between the intake pipe and the air compressor is too long. Because the air duct is too long, the compressed air will be consumed when the air compressor moves to the air inlet, and the actual air pressure reaching the valve will not meet the rated requirements. The pressure of the air supply will be reduced, and the suction of the diaphragm will be weakened, because the air supply will shorten the length of the air pipe.

2. Due to wrong selection and high viscosity of medium, larger type of pneumatic diaphragm pump should be selected. May not be suitable for pneumatic diaphragm pump operating medium, other pumps can also be considered.

3. Long term use of the pipeline and diaphragm pump body without flushing maintenance, resulting in pipeline bonding or gas chamber residue, the bonding residue will still be in a narrow part of the pump body, so the diaphragm pump operation is not smooth, so easy to operate in the medium environment, pipeline and diaphragm pump should be cleaned and maintained regularly.

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4. If the inlet nozzle is too long or there are too many elbows at the nozzle, the self-priming function of the pneumatic diaphragm pump will be weakened. The length of the inlet nozzle and the number of bends should be minimized.

5. The intermediate valve has not been maintained or added lubricating oil for a long time, resulting in the connecting shaft and other accessories in the intermediate body not running smoothly. It is easy to reduce the pressure of the diaphragm in the air cavity, and the transverse pumping force of the diaphragm is also weakened. The diaphragm pump should be regularly repaired and lubricated.

6. The diaphragm in the air chamber has been used for a long time or has been damaged, the diaphragm has lost its elasticity or the surface of the diaphragm has cracks, and the seal has defects. The diaphragm of the diaphragm pump should be replaced.

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