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Safety and environmental protection characteristics of pneumatic diaphragm pump

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In modern society, more and more attention is paid to environmental protection, energy saving and resource integration. Owners and users like to use more environmentally friendly and intelligent products in new or old projects

Environmental protection: the pneumatic diaphragm pump itself has a certain self-priming function, does not consume too much electricity, maintenance and lubrication, simple maintenance, no mechanical seal, and will not pollute the working environment due to dripping.

Safety: the pneumatic diaphragm pump allows a certain degree of idling operation without danger, which is a guarantee for the safety of the site environment.

Intelligent: no complex power and control system, no cable, fuse and other pneumatic diaphragm pump, small volume, light weight, easy to move.

Function: pneumatic diaphragm pump has good material and performance for all kinds of corrosive liquid, liquid with particles, high viscosity, volatile, flammable and highly toxic liquid.

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