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Safety precautions for pneumatic diaphragm pump

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Safety precautions for pneumatic diaphragm pump

Pneumatic diaphragm pump is easy to operate, it can only simply open and close the gas valve. Even if it stops suddenly or runs without medium for a long time due to accident, it will not be damaged. The overload pump stops automatically and has self-protection performance. When the load returns to normal, it will start automatically.

The structure of pneumatic diaphragm pump is simple with few vulnerable parts. The pump has the advantages of simple structure, convenient installation and maintenance. The medium transported by the pump will not contact with the moving parts such as valves and connecting rods. Different from other types of pumps, due to the wear of rotor, piston, gear, blade and other parts, the performance of the pump gradually decreases. Pump does not need oil lubrication, even if idling, there is no impact on the pump.

When operating the pump, safety measures should also be taken

1. Before replacing the inner sleeve, cleaning the extrusion valve or doing any other operation on the pipeline valve, be sure to turn off the gas supply and disconnect the connection near the gas supply.

2. When the squeeze valve is in operation, make sure that the valve body parts, tools or other parts are in contact with the squeeze valve.

3. Before the valve comes into contact with the conveying medium / product, please understand and follow the instructions in the safety data sheet.

4. Do not touch the pinch valve when the medium delivery temperature is high (there is a risk of combustion).

5. It is only allowed to remove the pinch valve when the equipment is closed and there is no pressure.

6. In order to prevent the maximum allowable working pressure / control pressure overload of pneumatic double diaphragm pump, pressure limiter and safety valve shall be installed on the equipment.

7. Unstable gas cannot be used as working medium.

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