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Analysis of installation process of pneumatic diaphragm pump

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Analysis of installation process of pneumatic diaphragm pump

1. Pneumatic diaphragm pump installation and start: the diaphragm pump should be placed as close to the product as possible, so that the suction line is the shortest, the number of configuration parts is reduced, and the pipeline specification should not be reduced. In order to prolong the service life of the diaphragm, the pump should be close to the pumped liquid as far as possible. When the inlet pressure exceeds 3M liquid column, a set of pressure relief adjustment device should be installed to prolong the service life of the diaphragm. If a hard pipe is installed, use a short hose between the pump and the pipe. The hose can slow down the vibration and distortion of the pipeline, and a surge tank is recommended to further reduce the pulse in the fluid.

2. Gas supply to diaphragm pump: the gas supply pressure of metal diaphragm pump shall not exceed 125psi, and that of plastic pump shall not exceed 100psi. Connect the air inlet of the pump to the air source with enough capacity and pressure to meet the design requirements. If the air supply line is a hard pipe, connect a short hose between the pump and the pipe to reduce distortion. In addition to the cover of air intake, the weight of air intake pipe and pressure regulating filter must also be supported by some means. If the pipe is not supported, the pump may be damaged. A pressure regulating valve must be installed to ensure that the supply pressure does not exceed the specified range.

3. Inspection before diaphragm pump operation: before diaphragm pump operation, check all fixtures to prevent looseness, tighten loose parts to avoid leakage, and fix them with the method described in the card attached with the pump.

4. Diaphragm pump intake and start: start, the air valve open about 1 / 2 to 3 / 4 turn. After the pump starts, open the air valve to increase the air flow to achieve the required flow.

5. Pneumatic diaphragm pump exhaust: if the diaphragm is broken, the extracted liquid or gas will enter the air port of the pump and be discharged into the atmosphere. When extracting dangerous or toxic substances, the pipeline needs to be discharged to a suitable place for safety treatment. If the pump is immersed in liquid, the gas shall be discharged from the liquid surface, and the exhaust pipe shall not be less than 1 "(2.45cm). Reducing the size of the exhaust pipe will limit the gas flow and reduce the utilization rate of the pump. When the material level is higher than the pump, the discharge outlet should be higher to prevent siphon. At a certain temperature and humidity, the discharged gas may freeze up, and the use of gas drying can eliminate most of these problems.

6. After use of pneumatic diaphragm pump: if it is used to transport easily solidified substances, in order to prevent damage to the pump, clean the pump thoroughly after each use. (after use, the product left in the pump has dried or stuck to the pump, which will cause problems with the diaphragm and valve before the next start). In freezing temperature, the pump must be drained after use in any case.

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